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Update : 25-sep-05

My way...
To paint like this, spontaneously, without premeditation...is a posture which takes me time to reach.
To listen to what is beyond culture, beyond norms.
To hear the voices of archetypes
To create with what is ignored...
I manage not to be conscious of what I paint.
I analyze it afterwards. Or I do not analyze it.
It is very hard for me, not to analyze...
To accept to fall, to accept the shadow, because it reveals the light.
I write , I paint , I realise performances
Les Parents, peinture de Lauranne

One could qualify my work of rough art, or primitive. But it is especially the fruit of a long research, to arrive, precisely with this impression of brutality, and spontaneousness.
Thus, it is necessary me to agree "to plunge", to let me invade by a technique which I do not control completely.

I seize the writing, I let run the words. Or I give myself constraints, paradoxically.
I let speak the images about the others, the words of the others in me. I seize the words of the others.
To let me rediscover...

I'm a performance artist too
I carry out also artistic performances, actions
I'm a "model" of Painter Nato ( in his happenings ).

To trap the gesture, the automatism!
Then I work on paperboard, with blood, a scanner... I carry out performances.

I out of watch my problems put: creation, and its finality (?).
A performance is transitory. A work of art too.
That are a few centuries taking into consideration our History...


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